Saw this today, thought people might be interested:

Realities of a Bestseller.

"If I published only one book a year, and it did as well as this one, my net would be only around $2500.00 over the income level considered to be the US poverty threshhold."

The article has plenty of details.

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Thanks for sharing. This leaves me with a lot to think about when it comes to publishing. I can understand why economically it would not be a bad idea for a first-time author to self-publish their first book. Sure, this bestselling author got a $50 000 advance, but in the end her royalties just touched around $2500 while the publisher pocketed around $250 000. What's even more disturbing is the fact that she has no say in foreign rights to her book.
Hi John. The article is blocked because of a subscription to the webpage. My friends and I can no longer view the article. Would you mind lending me a hand?


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