I've been in "spy stores" before, but this online one is different.  And a little scary?  Or creepy? Or something?


It's like "do it yourself forensics".  The CSI take home kit.  Drug tests, the works.  I zeroed in on the "infidelity" section and sure enough, a bunch of semen-testing kits.

Your own pecker trackers!  Probably not admissable in court, but certainly enough to justify shooting your boyfriend (subject of my upcoming book, by the way).

I can see all sorts of scenarios for this.  "You're saying you had a wet dream in the back seat of the car???"  

 I can see some disturbing potential behind some of this stuff.   But it's hard not to get behind this:

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Or for that matter...

I've always wanted to go undercover... or take down an undercover operator... or... dang, sorry, that's all I could come up with for now.

Very cool. The Professional Fingerprint Kit would make a great gift for the budding young detective.

Awesome site! I am so going to have to get one of those scarves to wear to work (I work for the police).

Not sure about the need for selling body bags though. That's a bit scary...

They'll probably be chic wear for high school kids in about six months.


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