This is so strange. He doesn't seem right at all to me. What do you think of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? I can't seem him playing a "tough" character.

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No, that's all wrong!  He's way too short and pretty.
I think he has the acting chops, but in the books Reacher is 6'5''. I think Cruise is about a foot shorter than that, lol.
Given Cruise's (lack of) height, I think it's a reach.

My first literary agent, Joe Veltre, worked for the Weinsteins as a film scout, and once proposed they buy the film rights for the entire Jack Reacher franchise, this being late 2004, as I recall. They passed, of course. Wonder how the franchise will play out at the box office. Not confident Cruise will go over well with hard core fans of the books.


Tom Cruise is well past his action star prime. He's just not a box office draw. I'd rather see someone up and coming to handle the series. But I know big studios don't take risks any more.

A younger Scott Glenn comes to mind. The real problem is Reacher's size. I know there's a lot of leeway there, but his physical dimensions are so much a part of his character, they'll be hard to overlook.

Of course, Casey Affleck pulled off Patrick Kenzie quite well, so who knows?

Agreed on Casey, a better actor than his brother. He did a good job on Thompson's The Killer Inside Me too.


Too bad Clint Eastwood is thirty-five years too old. :)

Casey Affleck was also phenomenal in The Assassination of Jesse James.

Eastwood could do it if he were younger.   So could John Wayne were he still with us.  About the Affleck brothers, regardless of which is the better actor, even Ben would be a better choice for Reacher than Tom Cruise.

Christian Bale?

Even Daniel Craig would be great.  I don't know if he's tall, but that doesn't matter that much in films.  And he actually looks a lot like the illustration of Reacher inside the cover of my edition of 61 hours.

I I was a bigger fan I would be really upset up about this.   


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