...when you're selecting a book. I'm curious what influences you in the selection process. 1 being the most important, 7 being the least important. Rank the following in importance to you. So as to not unduly influence you, I've listed the choices in alphabetical order.

Is it;

Author (known or recommended to you)

Back cover blurb (what the story is about)

Cover art/design

famous author or review endorsement taglines


Publisher name/company

Sample--First couple of pages

David DeLee

A Cold Wind - a Grace deHaviland novella

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Author 2

Back cover blurb 4

Cover art/design 1

famous author or review endorsement taglines 6

Genre 3

Publisher name/company 7

Sample--First couple of pages 5

If I was honest I'd have to say I don't even notice publishers. I'm more likely to notice the lack of publisher if the book cover looks cheap or poorly done. The endorsement tag doesn't hold much sway, although having NYT bestseller on the cover can get me to have a closer look on occasion. I've only ever bought one book because of an endorsement by an author. I rarely read samples or inner pages unless I'm undecided on the book, so indie authors are the only ones this happens with (although more so on Kindle, which allows that option).


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