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Frankfurt am Main


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Frankfurt am Main
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I am a writer - of non-fiction, up until I caught the virus. Since 1996 I write crime novels - eight so far.
Writing is the job and the joy of my life. I am living in the countryside north of Frankfurt am Main in Germany and, for some months in the year, in southern France.
Books And Authors I Like:
Michael Dibdin - alas, he just died.
Dorothy Sayers, Reginald Hill, Elizabeth George, Charles Todd, Anne Holt, Jo Nesbo, P. D. James, Norbert Horst, Ruth Rendell, Val McDermid and the one and only
H. P. Karr
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
Casino Royale - the best Bond ever

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  • Newt Love

    The humour is the bone next to your ulna. You know, your funny bone?
  • Newt Love

    Wow! You certainly are evolving quickly in the cyber-realm! Just the other day you left France where you had dialup, and returned to Germany where you have broadband, and now you are back in France with broadband. I hope that your commute in between is short so that you can get time to write. This flitting back and forth may allow you to avoid your real friends, but your cyber friends--like me--are there, wherever you connect. This begs the question, can cyber friends be real friends? ;-)
  • Newt Love

    I just signed a contract with Pascal Galodé éditeurs, for the French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Greek language rights to my debut novel, How the Strong Survive, (March 2007, Rockway Press), with first option rights on all my subsequent novels. Mr. Galodé wanted all the remaining language rights to my books, and asked if he could be my exclusive publisher for all languages. We are still negotiating the future terms, including film rights to my novels.

    Who is he? Until October 15, 2007, Mr. Pascal Galodé was the "la tête de la maison d'édition d'origine monégasque" (head of the publisher) Le Rocher -- last press account: 550 titles in 2005.

    In June 2007, the Pierre-Fabre group completed the acquisition of Le Rocher, and four months later, brought in their own executive, Vincent Wackenheim, to lead Le Rocher, forcing Monsieur. Galodé out. Being too vigorous to retire, he formed a new publishing company, Pascal Galodé éditeurs, in Saint-Malo, France. Only four months old, this new house already has eight titles, and more in production.

    Mr. Galodé's interest in my novels certainly says something about the quality of my writing. I am in awe that How the Strong Survive is chosen as the first (and only) book to be translated in 2008 by this intrepid company, led by one of the most distinguished players in European and the global publishing industry. I trust that M. Galodé is right in selecting HTSS, and that it will meet his expectations as his editions are released throughout the EU.

    Color me humbled, in shock and awe.