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Anything that has a good storyline and I enjoy listening to audio books while driving to work.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
I like watching crime shows like Numb3rs, CSI, Law & Order, L&O Criminal intent, Midsomer Murders (although you would think everyone would be be dead by now what with all the murders that happen). I also like a couple of foreign ones Inspector Rex (I know he's a dog but its still good does anyone remember Rin Tin Tin) and the other one is Inspector Montalbano.
Movies any so long as the story line is good, oh, and also Bollywood movies.

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  • Laura Benedict

    Hi, Rhonda. Welcome to Crimespace!
  • Karen from AustCrime

    Hi Rhonda - nice to see another Australian hereabouts :)
  • Rhonda

    Hello to Karen and Laura, thank for inviting me to crimespace
  • Meredith Anthony

    Hey, Rhonda! Thanks for your message. Meredith
  • Angie

    Howdy & welcome to crimespace, Rhonda! LOL at Midsomer Murders - I always think the same thing, but I've got a soft spot for BBC mystery shows.