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Anything that has a good storyline and I enjoy listening to audio books while driving to work.
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I like watching crime shows like Numb3rs, CSI, Law & Order, L&O Criminal intent, Midsomer Murders (although you would think everyone would be be dead by now what with all the murders that happen). I also like a couple of foreign ones Inspector Rex (I know he's a dog but its still good does anyone remember Rin Tin Tin) and the other one is Inspector Montalbano.
Movies any so long as the story line is good, oh, and also Bollywood movies.

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  • Morgan Mandel

    Hi Rhonda,
    Your profile picture is beautiful. Where was it taken?
    Morgan Mandel
  • Rhonda

    Hello Morgan
    This picture was taken when I visted the Twelve Apostles which are located along the spectacular Great Ocean Road, ( here is a link about them http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/1park_display.cfm?park=175 I hope it works) it looks like a stone house on the side of a cliff but is is actually a rock formation at the side of the viewing platform you stand on for getting a great view of the twelve apostlest
  • Evelyn David

    Thanks for the welcome - and of course, I remember Rin Tin Tin :-) (Obligatory nod to Whiskey, the Irish Wolfhound cover star)

    Would love to teleport down under - especially since I hate to fly!