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Homicidal viral-internet fun!
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Tom Cain Feb 13, 2008.

Who's Been You Tubed?

Started Aug 3, 2007


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About Me:
I've been a writer for the best part of 30 years, but I'm only just starting out in the whole thriller/crime business. I've written one book and now the question that's driving me nuts - as I contemplate the contractual obligation of a sequel - is: how do you do it all over again?
I Am A:
Books And Authors I Like:
Authors ... Ian Fleming with whom it all began for me (and how could I have forgotten him before??); Elmore Leonard for effortless, laconic cool and super-stylised dialogue that creates its own form of naturalism; Carl Hiaasen for being so damn funny; Dennis Lehane and James Lee Burke for summing up very different senses of place; Michael Crichton (unfashionably!) for having that knack of hitting hot-button issues (and, forget the movie, Jurassic Park was a fantastic thriller read): Jason Goodwin and George MacDonald Fraser for summoning up the past in very different, but wonderfully evoctaive ways. Oh .. and Lee Child: great author, really decent bloke, helped me a lot as a writer, but also cost me about 12 months in scrapped drafts as I tried to stop myself imitating that brilliant Jack Reacher style - short sentences, no adverbs, no subordinate clauses, etc.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
24, Sopranos, West Wing, Spooks, Life On Mars ... the usual! Aside from Sky Sports News, of course, to which I am pathetically addicted.

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And so the madness begins ...

The next few weeks are going to be massive for Tom Cain and the whole Accident Man project.

Last Monday I delivered the draft manuscript of the next Samuel Carver novel. In the UK paperback (see below) it's plugged as 'The House of War', but it looks like it's gonna be called 'The Sole Survivor' instead. It's pretty wild stuff ... once you get over the fact that the hero spends the first 100 pages in a hospital bed!

This monday see the publication of the UK paperback of… Continue

Posted on January 26, 2008 at 6:39pm — 4 Comments

Cain in You Tube Horror

Up at Harrogate, I was filmed by Transworld, talking about, and reading from The Accident Man. The films are now up on You nTube. All I can see, when I look at them, is my double chin. I am now going to go away and drop 20 pounds. But if you want to see what happens when a middle-aged author tries to hook up to the 21st ventury, watch on… Continue

Posted on August 3, 2007 at 8:51am

Those Post Publication Blues

Okay ... so The Accident Man has been out for about 10 days in England and I am going slowly nuts. It's like waiting for exam results. I've done everything I can. Now I've got to find out my grade. So far, I'd give it a low B ... The first chart week I'd only been out two or three days and I crawled in at 42 on the UK hardback fiction list. Second week, I staggered up to 20. The publishers are reasonably satisfied, but they're still wanting that big breakthrough moment, maybe from a piece of… Continue

Posted on July 12, 2007 at 3:12am — 2 Comments

How goes the new book?

Well, Jeffrey, you were crazy enough to ask. So ...

Just over two weeks ago, I headed off to what was supposed to be a writer's paradise in the South of France, just north of Nice ... a beautiful villa, with a pool, for free. How much better could it get?

But you know what they say about the non-existence of free lunches? Well, there was just one catch ... the builders had not actually left the property. So they were banging, crashing, drilling, cutting tiles - bedlam! And… Continue

Posted on June 19, 2007 at 5:05am

That Difficult Second Novel

Back in the day, when albums were only 40 minutes long and came on vinyl in fold-out cardboard sleeves (cue brief pause for nostalgic reminiscence among the over-40s), people used to talk about That Difficult Third Album. That was the one a band had to make when it had run out of all its original material, was burned out from being on the road and had to deliver No.3 to satisfy the record company, usually within about 18 months of their debut.

Then CDs came along and albums were… Continue

Posted on June 2, 2007 at 4:05am — 6 Comments

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At 10:41pm on March 25, 2011, Gaile Hughes said…
Did I understand correctly, that in one of your earlier posts that Tom CrUugghh! was even mentioned in the same sentence/breath as Lee Child's 'Reacher' - 'Jack' ie 'The Man' ?  How many FB signatures would it take to prevent that?  I'm up for it.  Personally I'd give Jason Momoa a haircut and have him eyeball the lens, but TC, that would be vomitous on so many levels...
At 1:52am on August 16, 2008, Manya652 said…
Hiya! I am a huge fan! I read accident man in May and have been waiting since for the sequel! i have just started reading The Survivor and its brilliant so far! I was not expecting it to be good because sequels are never as good as the first book but you've managed to make me want to do nothing but read. It is a brilliant book and is an absolute page-turner. The way you mix fact and fiction is just plain genius. Not a thing I would change in either of your books. They are perfect. By the I am not saying all this just because my birthday is on 17th January but it's because I really enjoy reading your novels and hope there are many more to come in the future!
At 4:26pm on March 27, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
HI Tom
Thought we might as well be friends here too.
The second book is scary, especially is people really liked your first and have high expectations. Good luck.
At 7:37pm on January 28, 2008, Jon Paske said…
That's an interesting point about the Studio worrying about the Diana angle. I was under the impression that Americans were fascinated by the royals and love nothing more than a good old conspiracy theory,e.g. who killed Kennedy; who tried to poison Castro; did anyone really land on the moon; how could you vote both father & son into the white house & then think of voting the wife of a previous president in, bizarre really; and look how they took to " The D-V----C-d-" a not so good book & terrible movie. So wouldn't they just love to see this tale of royal and political intrigue. I can see how the Brits might be a bit uncomfortable but the demographic for the movie are probably too young to give a toss, & any negative publicity for poor taste or "too soon" would just mean more bums on seats. The churches did a marvelous job in promoting that before mentioned "blasphemous abomination" to their beliefs.
I think they are foolish and misguided obviously but then its not my money.
Regards Jon
At 9:04pm on January 27, 2008, Tom Cain said…
Jason Statham is what you might call the 'you want ... you settle for ... you get" option. But my feeling is that the only way this film gets made is with a big budget, as the launchpad for a franchise. That's what one super A-list director with a mega action trilogy behind him (hint, hint!) wanted to do, till his studio's top brass got scared off by the Diana angle .. and it's what another major studio were interested in doing until Paramount came in for it, with a contract that entitles them to make sequels from now to the crack of doom. But since Hollywood is dead at the moment, because of the writers' strike, and unmade projects are piling up all over the place, I'd say the odds on it being made are getting ever-longer, unless it sells bucket-loads of books in the States. To which end, those reviews are, indeed, very gratifying ... And thanks for reading them!

Thanks too for the friend invite: delighted to accept ...
At 7:52pm on January 26, 2008, Jon Paske said…
Now that would be tragic, I actually like some of the stuff Tom C has done but he's no Jack, in-fact that is as absurd as the time Sean Connery was being muted for Gandalf, that made me shudder as well {though he is one of my favourite tough guys} and strangely enough my pick for the part was Ian Maclellan and was very happy when it was finally announced a lot later. Happily I got to see him in action, as did most of Wellington, when i did a little stint booming on LOTR.
You know I wouldn't mind putting a fiver on Jason Statham being the one put forward if it is done in the next few years and the producers can come up with a mid range budget. Be a shame really as the story would deserve more production money and someone with the A grade charisma.
The Bourne franchise sure has worked but for god sakes why do the bloody directors insist on that stupid camera shake, it makes the scenes unwatchable on the big screen in my opinion. If I want to get sick I'll go sailing.
I loved the way Len Wiseman did the latest Die Hard, great action. No shaky shaky, lets see what the poor stunties are putting their lives on the line for.
How about Karl Urban as Sam, better get in quick though before his fee goes up :) though with sods law he'd test for Sam and come away as a Russian assassin.
Have you read "Spencerville" by Demille, just fantastic. Should have been a movie ages ago, Jessica Lange as the sheriffs wife and Nick Nolte as the sheriff, maybe Michael Douglas as the ex CIA hero or Harrison Ford, hmmm.
How sad that producers sit on these things and let a lot of great works just go dusty in their draws or get turned into crap because the moneys not there for a better production. Though David Cronenberg proves quality can be done without a T Cruise budget.
By the way your book certainly has some damn fine reviews out there online. That must give you a good feeling.
At 3:48pm on January 25, 2008, Jon Paske said…
Screw them next time then. The book{s} would make a great movie franchise or TV series, it's a pity Daniel Craig is busy with Bond as he'd be great as "The Accident Man". Maybe Sean Bean would like to laser the drunk driver in the tunnel, if he tones down that "Sharpe" accent.
Just keep the writers etc responsible for ruining the UK "Ultimate Force" series away from it. A classic example of how to stuff up a good story to make it more universally acceptable. .
I don't know if you have read any of the Lee Child books, again an incredible opportunity for a screen franchise but who the hell could play Jack Reacher, his stature and bearing is so well embed into the readers mind that casting must be a nightmare.
I'm also waiting for John Rain to make his screen debut to challenge Samuel Carver as the number 1 hitter in town.
Best of luck.
At 3:02pm on January 24, 2008, Jon Paske said…
I'm sure the publisher will love it if it is as good as the last. I imagine the pressure of a second novel must be quite intense.
I really hope you get a good deal on selling the film rights to your novel, I've had dealings with producers before so watch out that they don't take your watch when they shake your hand, and if they give you a hug check your wallet if you keep it in your back pocket.
At 10:29am on January 21, 2008, Jon Paske said…
I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed your novel, "The Accident Man". It was well crafted and hooked me from the very first page. I like how you took basically impossible scenarios and made them believable as opposed to the corny or ridiculous situations some action heros extract themselves from.
I look forward to your next book and will be looking out for it at the store.
Regards Jon
At 9:41pm on December 9, 2007, Olav Guldbrandsen said…
Thanks for accepting. I read your book a couple of months ago and was impressed by the pace and the strong grasp you have of your main character. Incredible that it was your first effort. But, as you say, you have been writing for a long time. It shows. Good luck with the next one, and give your norwegian granma a ring this christmas, or else she will serve you Lutefisk next time around.

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