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Suspense Magazine is available to order online NOW!!!

Our ordering website is up at:

The packed June Edition is headed to print right now, so don't miss out! You will see John Sandford, Gregg Olsen, Actor Courtney Gains, Golden Age Stories and a lot more! Order your 12 month subscription now and you will receive the June edition.

We just received word that director Wes Craven has agreed to do an interview with us, coming up in a future edition, to honor the 25th anniversary… Continue

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Suspense Magazine goes onsite to investigate local legend!!!

Hello Everyone,

We are doing something out of the ordinary. We are going onsite to a city in California, (very small town) to investigate a local "ghost" legend. I'll be writing everyday, like a diary, to keep everyone informed. I don't know the time space that this will encompass, we will stay until we have completed all the research. We are told by locals that this legend dates back to the 1800's and is still very much alive today. It is a very exciting time for us and wanted to do… Continue

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Who would like to see an advance copy of the magazine??

It will be out this week, just email me at and we will send you one via email in .pdf form.



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Suspense Magazine invites you........


Our first print issue is almost done and I would like to send everyone on crimespace an advance .pdf copy. Please email me and let me know if you would like one!


John Raab

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Suspense Magazine updates

Hello Everyone!

We are in search of some freelance writers to contribute to the magazine. We are looking for articles, news, columns, etc related to Suspense/Mystery/Thriller. If you are interested please let us know.

We have posted many new stories and a lot more are to come shortly! We have John Saul scheduled to interview this month and will play his interview in February, which can be found on his page, February… Continue

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Suspense Magazine kicks off 2009!!

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited about this year. We have Steve Berry, bestselling author, as the first author of the month. The lineup so far this year is:

February - John Saul

March - Charlotte Hughes

April - John Lesocrat

May - John Sandford

Email me with any suggestions or comments!

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New Year's EVE!!

Hello Everyone,

We are working hard with the new changes that will hit the magazine in the new year. We are very excited that this will be the premier magazine for suspense/thriller/mystery on the internet and in print. John Saul will be the February author of the month, can't wait to conduct his interview!!

Steve Berry is the January author of the month, and will have his phone interview on his page!

Also we have a great lineup for 2009 already setup to… Continue

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Suspense Magazine announces........

That on christmas day through the end of the year, we will be airing all of our stories and interviews on our radio station. You can find it here: After the new year, we will be moving the radio station to it's own page.

Today, Monday December 22nd, we are going to be interviewing James Rollins. This should be a very cool interview to hear!

We have interviewed Steve Berry, Gregg Olsen and Tess Gerritsen. We have a lot of… Continue

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Suspense Magazine News to report

Hello everyone,

I would like to let CrimeSpace know that we have Steve Berry as the January Author of the Month. Steve is a bestselling author that has written many books that include, The Amber Room, The Romanov Prophecy, The Templer Legacy and his newest book The Charlemagne Pursuit. We have conducted a phone interview that can be heard this weekend on our radio station, which can be accessed through our website

In February we… Continue

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Suspense Magazine wants to see you!!

Hello everyone,

We started this magazine because we wanted all suspense/thriller/mystery/horror writers to have a chance to be seen. The time for letting you have your voice out there is now and we are giving you the platform. We published stories online and will have a print magazine and digital magazine soon. This will give you greater exposure and you will be able to get published and read faster!! If you have been published, we a section for you also. Send us an email and we will… Continue

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