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Ghosts in the ER ---New Collecection of 5 Short Stories!

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Price drop down to .99 on The Well Meaning Killer on Kindles e-books

FBI Agent Megan McKenna & Detective Phil Jenkins race against the clock to catch a serial killer across the Baltimore countryside, with a back story of white collar crime & nasty lawyers. On Sale now on Kindle, price drop from $16.95 to  0.99c

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Nany Lynn Jarvis- Must Read Mysteries

Just had to say if you get a chance, pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and dive into Nancy Lynn Jarvis's Cool Cozy Mysteries. They are witty and funny, Jarvis makes great uses her background in real estate and behavioral science. A very recommended read. My fav is Backyard Bones.

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 Please excuse the double entendre, but we couldn't help it. These kinds of things don't come around every day you know. The fact that it's been SNOWING off and on here in Southern Oregon the last couple of days, and that a week ago today on April Fool's Day we got a surprise phone call from author Miranda Phillips Walker asking if she could come back home. Here's the backstory: Krill Press was founded in the fall of 2008 and our first title, "Absinthe Of Malice" by…


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Times, they are a changing. "The Well Meaning Killer" has a New Title and soon a new home on Kindle Books @ Amazon.com

Times they are a changing in the publishing world, and I guess you could say I've jumped ship so to speak. Hopefully by the end of July 2010, Absolution, (aka "The Well Meaning Killer") will find a new home on Kindle Books @ amazon.com

The next novel in the FBI Mystery Series will continue to have Megan McKenna and Max raise eyebrows as she…

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How I Gave My Migraines the Boot @ smashwords.com for $1.99

Medical and Alternative treatments discussed

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Dark Tales of Terror Signing Hunington, WV 4-6pm 4/3/10 Media Coverage! at Borders

Please Join Miranda Phillips Walker, Robert Walker and other WV Authors on Saturday 4/3/10 at Borders, Huntington, WV 4-6PM a slew of authors in the WV writers based anthology Dark Tales of Terror, edited by award-winning, native West Virginian, Michael Knost will gather to sign books & reign in all the pastels of Easter and keep folks focused on The Dark Side of Easter....hehehehehe. It's really about the goose bumps....not the eggs.

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Miranda Phillips Walker gets jiggy with the Spirit World!

Coming Soon, Check out mine and Robert W. Walker's Short Story Contribution.

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WV Book Festival @Charleston Civic Center October 10-11th

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the WV Book Festival. Come on down Saturday-Sunday October 10-11th at the Charleston Civic Center. Panel discussions, book signings, Agents/Publishing, and chat with local authors.

Join me and Robert Walker at 2:30 on Sunday as we discuss how to get your book ready for an agent/publishing house, methods on finding agents and publishers, a look into the publishing world, book promotion, and much more. We will have a book signing after the… Continue

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I See Dead People, Life of an ER Nurse

They say truth is stranger than fiction, I can tell you coming from a nursing point of view this is very true. I am reminding of this at least three times a week while I'm working in the Emergency Room, If I used any of these examples I would have to water them down because most people would think I was really off my rocker if I told the truth. With the release of my new book "The Well Meaning Killer" I'm starting to roll in some reviews, and some reviewers are questioning Megan McKenna's… Continue

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Ready, Set, Action: Useful Websites for Mystery Writers!

Here is a list of a few of my favorite websites I use when writing a mystery:

http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net/csi-response.html Includes Crime Scene Investigation resources, training, articles and links to forensic web pages.

http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/elsi/forensics.shtml Comprehensive resource covering forensic identification.

http://www.terryburns.net/COPS_CRIME.htm Articles related to crime scene investigations, physical… Continue

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Do your homework to cut down on rejections on your part. You should have gone through Writer's Market 2009, Jeff Herman's guide to book publishers, editors and agents, Preditors & Editors, Agent Query. Very important, always match the correct genre. It would would be a hugh mistake to send a romance to an agent/pubshier that only handles mysteries, but you won't believe how often this happens. Now the fun part let's all play are favorite childhood game, Simon Says, remember if you don't do… Continue

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Marketing Your Novel with Success!

Alrighty then, your book has been published--Great! Now the hard work really starts, you need to know it's up to you to promote it. I know some of you are working with a large publishing house and think your covered. Well take off your rose colored glasses. Yes, the big houses will do some promo work, but it's not like it use to be, with budget and staff cuts all around, you can't sit back and hope magic happens. If you don't know this, take note, publishers and agents you will deal with from… Continue

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Summer Book Signings Have Started!

Starting in Charleston, WV:

Books-A-Million SouthRidge Charleston, WV July 18,2009 12-4pm
Taylor's Books Downtown Charleston, WV July 30, 2009 12-2pm
Borders Town Center Mall Charleston, WV August 15 2009 12-2

More to Follow, it's going be a buzy summer!

Also, The Well Meaning Killer is now available on Kindle at Amazon.com!

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The Well Meaning Killer available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookstores!!!

Grab one, and let the mystery begin! To see Author page on Krill Press go to: http://krillpress.com/WellMeaningKiller.html

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The Well Meaning Killer Was Published Yesterday!!!

Exciting news, as of yesterday, my book, The Well Meaning Killer was published!!! After I finish another shift in the ER tonight, I'm going to celebrate! Currently working on my second novel in the series with firey FBI Agent Megan McKenna and her lovable sidekick Max, a retired search & resecue Lab.

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In The Spotlight Interview with Jean Henry

Mysterious PeopleSaturday, May 30, 2009

A Conversation with Miranda Phillips Walker

An ER nurse and wife of novelist Robert W. Walker, Miranda Phillips Walker has a soon-to-be-released novel of her own, The Well Meaning Killer.

Miranda, what made you decide to write The Well Meaning Killer?

From an early age, I have always liked to write stories, poetry, and write songs. I… Continue

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New Review of The Well Meaning Killer by Mary Welk, author of A Merry Little Murder!

Miranda Walker presents readers with a gutsy new character in the world of police procedurals. Plagued by a past almost as horrendous as the case she's investigating, FBI Agent Megan McKenna exhibits the determination of a bulldog in both her professional and private lives. This opening salvo in Walker's new series is a sure bet for readers who love strong feminine characters."

Mary Welk

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Review of The Well Meaning Killer From: Raymond Benson, author of JAMES BOND--THE UNION TRILOGY

"In her debut FBI procedural novel, Miranda Phillips Walker exhibits confidence, talent, and credibility. Megan McKenna is an appealing heroine who is sure to be around for a long time. A very entertaining read!"
--Raymond Benson, author of JAMES BOND--THE UNION TRILOGY

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Review of TWMK from Pat Mullan Author of The Root of All Evil

I was captured immediately by Chapter One, actually I was captured by the first sentence of the very first chapter. As I read on, I realized that I was in good hands, the hands of a writer whose skills never intruded on the page. That’s masterful. Many writers never achieve that. If I didn’t know you, and didn’t know that this is your first book, I would have attributed this work to someone with many years of successful writing accomplishment. You’ve made Megan McKenna someone that I care… Continue

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