Times, they are a changing. "The Well Meaning Killer" has a New Title and soon a new home on Kindle Books @ Amazon.com

Times they are a changing in the publishing world, and I guess you could say I've jumped ship so to speak. Hopefully by the end of July 2010, Absolution, (aka "The Well Meaning Killer") will find a new home on Kindle Books @ amazon.com

The next novel in the FBI Mystery Series will continue to have Megan McKenna and Max raise eyebrows as she comes to the aid of Anthony Garzeno, a hot blooded Italian Chief of police in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. A bitter sweet reunion they'll both have to suffer through in order to hunt down a crazed scumbag in this quiet little coastal town.

A big thanks to Krill Press, for being such a wonderful place to have your first book published and allowing this little bird to leave the nest. Thanks, Ken.

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