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REVEREND BENJAMIN POTTER,. a former English Teacher, Youth Minister, a Patsor and a Book Reviewer/Critic posted his Review of my novel on his BOOK 'EM BENJ - O Blog site on June 26, 2009, giving the novel THREE READING GLASSES out of Five.

"First of all, before you get all up in arms, it's not that guy. No, this Michael Phelps is a former Chief Investigator for a law firm in Coral Gables. He's also co-author (with Ellie Janssen) of David Janssen-My Fugitive.

Sometimes when you… Continue

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A New Review of The Execution of Justice & Breaking News - David Janssen-My Fugitive

I am pleased to report a new Review of The Execution of Justice has been posted this weekend. This brings Reviews to Eleven; Six are FIVE STARS, Three are FOUR STARS, and one is 3.375, and the one posted today is "Three Reading Glasses out of five."

You can peruse all Reviews at: www.MichaelPhelpsNovels.com.


The only authorized Biography of David Janssen; "David Janssen-MY Fugitive", Co-Authored with ELLIE JANSSEN has now… Continue

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