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A golden nugget in this week's Round-Up is info of a paying market for Western short stories. There's an ode to Pennsylvania and an announcement for October's blurb fest: paranormal authors. Find more buried treasures for readers and savvy authors in the Round-Up.

Oak Tree Press—Help Us Grow!

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IN A WORD. . . .

True story.

I was trying to help a friend who was writing her first novel, a Western. I looked over what she had written and it was excruciatingly boring. I said, “Westerns have some of the most colorful language of all the genres. Why aren't you using more interesting words in your writing?”

Her reply stunned me: “I don't know that many words.”

Why in the world does this person want to be a writer? Writers work with nothing but words! It's our medium, our clay, our…


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