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I've had a little set-back with promotion due to a fractured arm, but here's the update:

The cruise is Nov. 14-21, 2010, sailing from Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera. We have two days at sea for the conference, which is free. Cabins start at $400, gratuities included. Ports of call are Puerto Vallarta, Mazetlan and Cabo San Lucas. There are conference T-shirts, champagne and $50 in "ship" money, plus an open bar meet & greet.

I've been casting the net for a few… Continue

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Six days ago, I was planning Christmas. I put a wreath on the door. I put a pretty flag out to sway in the wind. That's as far as I got. I tripped in my kitchen and took the impact on my left shoulder.

But still, I'm thankful. It could have been much worse. The counter was only inches away from my head. I live alone and don't encourage visitors, so I might have sprawled there indefinitely. My neighbors are not nosy.

Now that I'm able to type with both hands again, I… Continue

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Small publishing vs. BIG PUBLISHING.

Every Author sets out with high hopes of publishing their book and seeing it on the shelves of the big chains. They deserve to be there. After brain-sweat and sacrifice, the reward should be wonderful book signings and lines of buyers waiting for an autograph.

That's the carrot that keeps writers pounding away at the keyboard. It happens to a lucky few. But sometimes the author published by a major publishing house is a one-book wonder… Continue

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