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I'm featured author Saturday March 2 at
come by and say hello.
If you mention you saw this on crimespace you'll get a prize.

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New Blog post

About parenting and the dinner table

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Corpse Whisperer

Corpse Whisperer is now available on Amazon!


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Chat on Tuesday

I will be chatting about Corpse Whisperer my new paranormal suspense


Tuesday October 16 @ noon to 3 EST.

See you there. Win Prizes


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Chat on Monday

I'm chatting at Monday September 24@ 8 p.m. EST

Hope to see you there.

I will have prizes!


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New Blog post

Hop on over to and check out my new post.


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I will be chatting September 24 @ 8-10 p.m.

I will also be chatting October 16 @ noon to 3 p.m.

Hope to see you there.


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Where I'm at

You can find me at Stop in, ask questions. And I'll pop up and answer

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Take me out to the ballgame.

I'm not actually a big baseball fan. I was when I was younger, but now, on the rare occasions I do what a sports event it is tennis or college football.

Go Penn State.

Anyway, last night I was at an Atlantic League game. Somerset Patriots vs the Road Warriors. And it really started out very boring. No hits for the first few innings. The Road Warriors had a guy who could steal bases. He was unstoppable. A fast runner. So finally the Patriots score two runs on a hit. Two…


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rejection letter and selling

I've been around for few years and I've recieved my share of rejection letters.

I'm no longer bothered by form rejections. Not at all. I have a great critique group that gives me wonderful feedback so I know I don't completely suck. And I"ve sold three books.

But why does an agent think they can reject me then try to sell me something?

This is the first time I received a rejection and a list of books to read. This one was a color brochure about a book the agent…


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It's hot.

We have a heat index of 100 her in NJ.

Whew. Knocks me out, but here I am blogging.

With a hot laptop on my lap. Yeah, I'm bright.

Anyway, don't you love when authors use the weather as another character in their story. I've tried, but all NJ has is humidity.

And road rage, but that's not weather.

The rainy days of Seattle make a neat back drop for a murder. The sultry nights of Miami make it a great place for chicklit.

I have a strange urge…


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I have a cover

And a release date.

My paranormal romantic suspense will be released from Enspiren Press August 1.

Yes, this August.

I'm pretty psyched.

Here's the cover if I can figure out how to put it in here. It will be somewhere on this page.

Look for it!

Happy Day.


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Rejection, but no so

I recieved a rejection today that really is only a rejection if I choose to not take the editor's advice.

I actually liked what the editor had to say. It resonated with me and because I truly want my books to be their best I will take her advice and resubmit. Which she said I could do.

So it isn't really a rejection letter, but a revision letter with no guarantees.

But I'm still sad. Though I feel I shouldn't be.

And I know it will pass and by tomorrow I'll be…


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Why are receipts so long?

My wallet is only so big and I end up with more receipts in it than bills.

Do stores really think that I will set and read them in a spare moment. If it's cash it goes in the trash. Hey that rhymed.

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Hey, I'm here

This seems like a pretty cool place to be.

I can write the books, but I'm just learning the ropes in terms of promotion.

But the internet is cool for these things. I'm sitting at my son's gymnastics class and posting a blog. Woo hoo. I love technology.

I don't have much to say this afternoon, but that won't last long. Thanks to all who have friended me.

I"ll be back later.


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