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Today on Amazon:

I see that Amazon now also has the cover image up for THE CONVICT'S SWORD. But more importantly: even though the book is not available until the end of July, the Amazon ranking is 19,000 on preorders. I'm astonished.

You must know that my books have never received any promotion, so I can only assume that they are gaining faithful readers on their own. My agent said once that it takes 7 titles in a series to establish it. This is # 6 for me, and I'm crossing fingers that this one will… Continue

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The cover for my new one (THE CONVICT'S SWORD) is up on my web site (http://www.ijparker.com). You can get an early glimpse. Amazon doesn't have it yet.

This particular cover caused me some grief. When the first draft arrived for my approval, it had hardly any color and, worse, it looked like a romance novel to me. While it wasn't the bodice-ripper type, being more the ladylike, cozy sort of thing, I took exception. My editor reminded me that it would appeal to women.

Yes,… Continue

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