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Number Five

ISLAND OF EXILES (just released) is my fifth published novel in the Akitada series.

My first publisher chose two novels out of order (I had four completed in 2001).

This was disappointing…


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My Flash Ad:

I just got the neatest flash ad from my editor and wanted to post it, but for some reason I can't get it to flash -- i.e. change to different images. Still and all, I stand in awe of technological advances in pushing book sales and am very chuffed (as the British say when they mean "thrilled").

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A Follow-up on the "Scams"

It turns out not to be a scam, at least not in the sense that they don't deliver what they promise. The fact is that KIRKUS DOES SELL REVIEWS! Go to David Montgomery's CRIME FICTION DOSSIER blog, if you don't believe me. Why this has not hit all the publishing blogs and publications like a wild fire, I don't understand. As far as I'm concerned, that finishes Kirkus.

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