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The US version of my thriller WHISPER IN THE DARK is now in stores everywhere. Whisper received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, in which they so kindly said the book is:

"a taut psychological thriller with hints of the supernatural and an ending that will leave readers speechless. ... The deeply satisfying story moves at a furious pace, packed with unexpected and original clues and plot twists."

I'm not sure how murder, mayhem, mysterious religions and a touch of… Continue

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I complained of it earlier, but I have a bit of blatant self promotion to share:

Fellow Crimespacer Brett Battles and I have begun a series of podcasts on writing, with our first episode -- Character is King -- up and ready to be listened and subscribed to. Head on over to to have a listen.

And if you have any questions for us, feel free to ask and we'll try to answer you on an upcming episode.

Rob Gregory Browne

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Blogging Like Crazy

For anyone interested, I've just started blogging over at Murderati and along with J.D. Rhoades will be alternating Wednesdays. Today's topic is probably near and dear to most writers, so if you're so inclined, head on over there and check it out.

If this falls under the topic of BSP, please forgive me and feel free to flog me with a wet shoelace.

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The Key to the Kingdom

The following is a cross-post from my website blog:

Everybody’s looking for it. Years ago, when I was an aspiring writer, I wanted desperately to find that magic

key that would let me into the world of the pros, would open up that

treasure box full of secrets — especially the ones that would get me

published or produced.

I searched high and low for that key. I read books about writing,…


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Okay, I'm Pissed

I'm a little pissed at Daniel for stealing my idea.

Well, maybe steal is too strong of a word. It isn't as if I proposed the idea to him and he turned around and executed it. He obviously did that all on his own. But the idea of a social network specifically for crime or thriller writers has been in the back of my mind for months now and I blame the lack of time for never following through.

Now Hatadi has managed to tap into that nebulous part of the universe where all the… Continue

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