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True Stories

Met up with Charles Ardai at the Black Orchid a couple of nights ago. He was kind enough to blurb my forthcoming book, THE CONCRETE MAZE, and we got to talking. I let him know that one of the incidents - a body found in several pieces scattered throughout NYC was based on a true story. Now, if you've read the book, please don't give away what went on, but let me give the base story here.

When I was young, my family moved to Puerto Rico for a short while. When we came back, we had to… Continue

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Writing the Thriller

Just did something that I found quite scary - I sent off 25,000 words of a thriller I'm writing to my agent. The hope, of course, is that she'll love it and beg for more. The fear is that she'll hate it and suggest my taking up needlecrafts. Another fear is that the reaction might fall somewhere between those two chairs. That eventuality signifies real work in rewriting which is something I find hard because it is painstaking and... dull.

Now, here is the history of how I got…


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Book/Crime Reviews

Over on Sarah Weinman's blog, there is a thread running about book reviewing - more specifically, how book review space is shrinking in newspapers around the country. It turns out that this is a subject I have a view on. Also, it's snowing heavily outside so I have the time.

It seems to me that the book industry was, for a long time, culturally relevant in ways it can no longer be. That is to say, that at one time it was the only cultural game in town. And the realease of the…


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Running Repeats

Tribe at Flashing in the Gutters (RIP) was kind enough to post some of my shortest fiction. Now that the site is down, I thought I repost those stories. They were fun to write, Hell to trim down to Flash size. I cut 196 words from the one I post today. Formatting will probably be screwy until I can figure out how to do that. Here goes:…


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Here's a Post / A Serious Matter

Took me a while to find my way. I think I've got it now. Spent half an hour adding friends - couldn't figure it out - not friendship, the adding part. I did wonder for a moment whether adding friends might entail obligations like being best man at weddings or a godparent...


This Summer, my fifth novel sees the light of day. It is a hardboiled, noir novel that some of the friends I've added have read already and been kind enough to tell me they enjoyed. I'll also be… Continue

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