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The Bronx Noir Launch

Were I a more prepared man, I'd have pictures, but, alas...

It was a blast. I probably signed my name to fifty books and probably missed out on many more. The store, Partners and Crime, has a big heart but a small floor and, if I counted correctly, there were thirteen authors from the anthology in person last night. Abraham Rodriguez flew in…


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My Website Contest

Thought I'd let people know that there have been some changes to my website including a contest. There's also a bunch of stuff for the new novel besides the contest, links to stories and interviews I've done with authors.

Only strange thing? My front page promotes THE CONCRETE MAZE and the BRONX NOIR anthology that I'm very proud to be a part of, but the motif of the site is the tropical isalnd of Puerto Rico. The juxtaposition…


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Amazon Rankings again...

Somehow The Concrete Maze jumped from 1.5 million to 108k. Maybe I sold a book. Maybe Amazon simply weeded out their stock and pulped the 1.4 million books that were ahead of mine. Hard to say. Still, I won't rest until I've taken control of the #1 spot. Who's there now? Harry Potter? My Tio Luis can kick his patootie… Continue

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I should have mentioned that...

Demolition Magazine has taken one of my stories and it will apparently be published this month. Many thanks to Bryon Quertermous for liking my Viktor Petrenko character enough to grant him a second go around.

Also, The Concrete Maze has started to garner some good press - Spinetingler Magazine has written up a very nice review. Many thanks to EvilKev for his kind…


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An Update on my Amazon numbers...

My Barnes and Noble numbers are very different from my Amazon numbers. At B&N, my numbers, at the moment, are 467,137. My Amazon numbers, however, have dropped into the 1.4 million zone. I hope to start turning these numbers around in about ten days (that is, the 18th or so) which will still be about ten days before the book is officially out in the world. Here's what I'll be…


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Amazon Rankings (x-posted)

I checked my Amazon ranking for The Concrete Maze today. Oh boy... The book isn't due out for another three weeks or so, but 1,372,424 isn't very encouraging. Of course, it's way better than 1,372,425... Also, there are two things for me to keep in mind (beside the fact that it isn't out yet): first, it… Continue

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My First Published Story...



Steven Torres

So there he was, on the dusty road. Nineteen years a major leaguer. Nineteen years squatting behind the plate. Over two thousand games. Six thousand plus at-bats. More than fifteen hundred hits. True, not a Hall of Fame career, but not a hand-me-down company car either. One hundred and ninety-two thousand miles. He wondered how many more miles would be clicked off before the day was done. With the road stretching blankly out…

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