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Amazon Kindle Books Downloadable to iPod and iPhone

I'm glad to see that Amazon has made Kindle books compatible with iPod and iPhone because 7 of my books are on Kindle. This opens them up to a whole new world. On the other hand, I still like to read real books. It takes all kinds.

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HONEYMOON FOR THREE wins Readers Choice Award

Honeymoon for Three has won the Readers Choice award for best Mountain West book. See the logo among my pictures.

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The American Author's Association has announced that my mystery, HONEYMOON FOR THREE, has won a Silver Quill award. Each year the Association recognizes members' works that demonstrate excellence in their field. That brightened up my day.

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MOON OVER MURDER on Amazon Shorts

My short story, MOON OVER MURDER, is live on Amazon Shorts. It is downloadable for only 49 cents at

Such a deal!

A teenage boy in the 1950s gets a dream summer job working in a restaurant beside a lake, owned by his aunt and uncle. It doesn't hurt that three pretty female…


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Mystery Limericks

I started writing limericks in high school. That was before I got into trouble for publishing a high school look-alike of the 1950s Confidential magazine (a fictional version of the story appears in my mystery novel, The Hayloft). I no longer write scandal sheets, but I do still write limericks. Here are some of my mystery limericks:

Of hostage talks writes Jeffery…


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Drawing for copies of Honeymoon for Three

I have at least 5 copies of my new book, HONEYMOON FOR THREE, to give away to Crimespace members. Let me know if you are interested. I will need addresses of the winners. My email address is

Contest closes July 26.

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Honeymoon for Three is out

My new suspense novel, HONEYMOON FOR THREE, is out. Told from 3 POVs, it features the bride, the groom and the stalker who has a bellybutton fetish. It takes place in some of the most beautiful areas in the Western United States, including national parks and the northern California coast. And let's not forget about Reno and Seattle, although I don't know whether anybody ever called them beautiful. Suspense takes a thrill ride.

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Honeymoon for Three

My new suspense novel, Honeymoon for Three, is coming out at the end of June. Here is a synopsis:

It is 1964, 10 years after Gary Blanchard’s high school adventures in The Hayloft. He and his love, Penny, are going on the trip of their lives, and, oh yes, they’re getting married along the way. What they don’t know is that they’re being stalked by Alfred, a high school classmate of Penny…


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