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When Do You Writer?

Gwen Mayo is passionate about blending the colorful history of her native Kentucky with her love for mystery fiction. But instead of talking about the post civil war time period today, she’s talking about the time of day she composes her fiction, and maybe when you should too. -

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Easy Book Sales Tracking

Canny writers track their book sales to see where and when their marketing efforts have been successful. A few I know pay for Bookscan data. But now seems to have made that unnecessary with their free Author Central option. Learn more on my blog, Another Writer’s Life-

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Unique Habits of 20 famous writers

I often say that every writer’s process is different. Today’s post on Another Writer's Life explores some of the habits well-known authors fell into for inspiration -

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When a publisher accepts your book!

Sarah Glenn wanted to grow up to be Kolchak, but would settle for Scully. She did, however, grow up to be a talented novelist and in today's blog she shares one of the most moving moments in any writer's life at ttp://

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Mystery Reader Report

Recently Sisters in Crime commissioned a comprehensive report called “The Mystery Book Consumer in the Digital Age" - and made it available to everyone on line. Learn more about it on my blog, Another Writer's Life -

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Get Inspired

Maryland novelist B. Swangin Webster writes stories that deal with the real-world issues confronting 21st century women. Like her books, Webster is encouraging and inspiring, as her guest blog today makes clear o my main blog, Another Writer's Life.

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Another Cool Review

Toby is a new friend on Kindle Korner.  Toby reads a lot of books at once, and alternates them on each day.  He followed my link to my web site, read the first few chapters of The Troubleshooter posted there, and then ordered the book.  When he finished it… Continue

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Guest bloggers wanted

After a low-production ending to 2010 I’m back in form, writing and promoting at the level I like.  I have big plans for 2011 and hope you’ll come along for the ride because I need your help.  Check my latest… Continue

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Bad Drivers

Here in Northern Virginia I sometimes feel as if I take my life in my hands when I get on the road, especially when I get on The Beltway, the automotive circle of death that surrounds Washington DC.  I've tried to be charitable to others but I have had to accept the truth:  some people just don't… Continue

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Author seminar in Washington DC this Weekend

Saturday I will help present a seminar entitled "Internet Basics for Authors" at the next meeting of the National League of American Pen Women.  The objective is to show authors how to strengthen their brand through social networking and the use of Web 2.0 to establish a strong internet presence.  I'll share the podium with Trish Wootten, who…


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Mystery writing spouses

Rosemary and Larry Mild plot murder together, as a husband and wife should, but instead of getting jailed they get published.  You can see how they do it, in their own words, today on my blog, Another Writer’s Life. -…


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First Author Update of the Year

My last two book signings of 2010 capped the year nicely.  At Borders in Dulles Town Center I set a new personal record for sales at a Mall store.  The next day I had my first book signing at the giant Borders in White Flint Mall.  It was another super showing, and I suspect lots of people got my novels as…


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