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Back from VA Book

Both a flat tire and horrendous traffic tried to keep me away from the Virginia Festival of the Book this weekend. They did manage to make me miss Friday evening’s author’s soiree, but Saturday was such a good time I almost forgot about it. David Ignatius gave a superb luncheon presentation, I saw some great writers on panels and chatted up a few more on the floor. Of course the highpoint was the panel on which I sat with old pals Libby Hellmann and Andy Straka, and new friends Frank Muir and… Continue

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Meet Great Authors at the Virginia Festival of the Book

This is the week of the 14th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book! Starting Wednesday, Charlottesville, Virginia comes alive with five days of mostly free literary events that are open to the public as the whole city honors book culture and promotes reading and literacy. This year's headliners are Mike Farrell and Walter Mosley, but be assured there is something for everyone. They'll have children's events, science fiction, romance, history, graphic novels - if people read it, it will be… Continue

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Find Great Reading Under the Covers

I like to point you to good reads, or a source you can use to add them to your home library. One such source is a great blog called "Reading Under the Covers." The blog offers insightful commentary on writing and publishing from Bella Stander, a freelance writer who conducts book promotion workshops and is both a program organizer and moderator for the aforementioned Virginia Festival of the Book. In fact, she mentioned me and the panel… Continue

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Author's Update

It's been a pretty pleasant couple of weeks from this writer's standpoint. First, I met with the Chantilly Writers Group at their regular meeting and took part in a lively discussion about getting published and marketing books once you are. The folks present were both receptive and enthusiastic. It was a great time and I think I made some new friends.

Then I had a very successful book signing at the Borders in Sterling, VA. I had all four of my mysteries present, and the readers in… Continue

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A nice review

When readers review my books I like to share the news. Today I'd like to introduce you to Ann Simon.

I met Ann at a writer's event last month in Washington DC. She was struggling to find chunks of time to write. I suggested that instead she commit to doing some writing every day. She later e-mailed me to confirm that not only was she able to find time to write two pages every day, but that she felt energized because she could see she was making progress.

She also made time… Continue

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Yes, today I'm signing my novels at the Borders in Sterling, VA from 11 am to 3 pm. BUT, not to short-change my friends in Maryland, I'll spend tomorrow at The Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers. This will be a nice reunion, because the Hard Bean was one of the very first bookstores to welcome me for a signing. In addition to great books, you can also get a great cup of coffee if you stop in at 36 Market Space, Annapolis, MD. I'll be there signing from… Continue

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Shameless Self Promotion

I don't do this very often but, okay, here it is. My publisher is having a contest among us authors. The winner will be whoever sells the most on between now and the end of March. SO if you're the holdout who hasn't ordered their copy of Blood and Bone yet, now's the time.

In BLOOD AND BONE, an 18 year-old boy lies dying of… Continue

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Fictional Blog

I love that people read my blog, but did you know that my fictional detective Hannibal Jones also blogs? At least he did for a couple of years. He isn't posting now, but the archives are still in full view on line. Aside from offering his opinion on various subjects, I posted several vignettes displaying how Hannibal mentored Monte, his pre-teen neighbor. I also posted a number of short stories (under 1200 words) in the process of learning how to write flash fiction mysteries. Hungry for… Continue

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More choices, please!

One major party has made its choice and before long one candidate will emerge as the selection for the other. After scanning the field, I'd kind of like to have more options. How come we have to choose from just two people to run for president? We get 50 options for Miss America, and that's a lot more fun.

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Writer's Life Update

Since my last newsletter I made a pleasant return visit to Waldenbooks in Manassas Mall, and had a good first time at the Borders in Frederick, Maryland. Both stores featured my mysteries and I made lots of new friends while signing books.

But the big news this week is that I was invited to join eight other authors who contribute to an exciting and varied web log. As its name implies, "Criminal Minds at Work" gives readers a chance to step into the minds of a group of talented,… Continue

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