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Meet Me on Dreamwalker

If you’d like to find me and other authors elsewhere on the web, or if you’re a writer looking to expand your internet presence, here’s an idea.

Dreamwalker Group is a complex of web sites where you can find creative books, cool supplies, inspirational things, information, and more. Artists, writers, and others have been invited to post their details for a web page. At Dreamwalker you can visit and explore over… Continue

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Absence of Malice

There’s nothing like a crime fiction convention to remind us that there is evil in the world, and that there are heroes to combat it. Some of the real life heroes at the Malice Domestic mystery con bought mementos at charity auctions for far more than their monetary value. Why? Because children who have faced evil often have emotional disabilities, and the John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents takes care of them. Because we can make a difference with more than twelve… Continue

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Malice after the Fact

The Malice Domestic conference is always a great time. I see a lot of old friends on panels and in the hospitality room. It’s great to see who wins an Agatha Award. It fun to attend a high tea, renew acquaintances with whom I share a publisher and an agent, and meet fans from as far away as Canada. It’s fun to see who is most creative in the hat contest. That was Elizabeth Zelvin in her charming chapeau. It’s actually a chap-Poe with a bobble head of Edgar Allen lashed to the… Continue

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Malice: A Forethought

I’ll spend this weekend in the company of a lot of dangerous ladies. Friday through Sunday we’ll gather in Arlington, VA for the Malice Domestic Mystery Convention. Since 1989, Malice Domestic has been an annual mystery fan’s convention focused on the traditional mystery--think in terms of books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie. However they are a warm and welcoming group and even those of us who write private eye stories are made… Continue

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More kind words

You know how I love to share the positive feedback I get about my novels. Today I’d like to introduce you to Janet Phebus.

I met Janet while doing a book signing at the Borders in Frederick MD. She took home a copy of Blood and Bone and later wrote me a very complimentary e-mail about it. What warmed my heart most was not that she said I wrote a good story, but that she noticed that I did it without the foul language and graphic violence so common in crime fiction… Continue

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The Future is Now!

Recently I’ve spoken with a lot of writers who are troubled about the publishing business. has changed its policies, making it harder for self-published writers to sell there. Some publishers are talking about ending the return policy that allows bookstores to send unsold books back for full credit. After buying bookstore chain Waldenbooks, giant bookstore chain Borders may be bought by super-giant bookstore chain Barnes and Noble.

It all reminds me of a Steely Dan song… Continue

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The NLAPW Rocks

Just wanted you to know that despite getting lost in DC I managed to have a wonderful time at the National League of American Pen Women meeting. Aside from speaking to a very interested and educated group of writers, I got to present in the historic Pen Arts Building, a red brick mid-town mansion dating back to 1887. Designed for an opera star descendant of President John Adams, it was leased to Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of President Abraham Lincoln, in 1910. I thank the ladies for a joyous… Continue

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Meet Me in DC Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have the rare privilege of addressing the Washington DC branch of the National League of American Pen Women. The League members are women who have demonstrated creative talents in art, letters, and music composition. There are Pen Women branches throughout the U.S., in addition to state associations of affiliated branches in some places.

We'll meet at 1 pm in the historic Pen Arts… Continue

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Find New Writers on This Blog

I often like to point you to cool web sites, great books, or places where you can learn about worthy additions to your library. Today I want to share the blog of author CJ Barrimond. She calls it "Better Said Now Than Never Said At All." Her thought-provoking book by the same name is an accumulation of her perceptions and feelings on a dozen different important subjects. She maintains a blog on and her most recent entry… Continue

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Musical philosophy

Did I mention last time that I've been taking philosophy lessons from popular music? As it turns out I have a lot in common with Meatloaf. As he mentions in one of his tunes, I like my music like I like my life - everything louder than everything else. And a wasted youth IS better than a wise and productive old age.

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The Latest

The Borders Books at the Dulles Town Center is starting to feel like home. I had a fine signing there and as I was packing up they were ordering more books and signed me up to return next month. It is a joy to have the support of a local bookstore and if any of you lives anywhere near the place, make a point of stopping in and checking out the "local author" section.

The other great news this week was a new review. This one was from Cathleen Mitchell, a fellow northern Virginia… Continue

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Meet me in Virginia!

Tomorrow I'll return to Borders Books at Dulles Town Center for another afternoon of book signing fun. Manager Leigh invites me back frequently and each time people who bought one of my books at an earlier signing return to pick up the next one. Great people make a great store and this one's pretty high on my list.

If you're anywhere near 21100 Dulles Town Circle, Dulles VA Saturday, stop by between noon and 4 pm and say hi.

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Loving a nice review

I always like to share good reviews. This week I'd like to introduce you to Teresa Gilbert.

Teresa, or Tere' to her friends, met me at a book signing in the Borders in Frederick, Maryland. When she picked up a copy of Collateral Damage I asked her, as I often do, if she would send me an e-mail to let me know what she thought of it after she read it.

Well she did write, to tell me she found my book addicting. It's always flattering when a reader says they had a hard time… Continue

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View the Tube

They told me the place to be if you're in video is YouTube. So, I got some talented friends to come over with video equipment and a microphone and cut what could be the most shameless bit of self promotion anyone has ever created. Still, if you'd like to see and hear me personally explain why you need to read my novel Blood and Bone, but can't make it to one of my signings, this is the best way. View my video and add yourself to the 1261… Continue

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The Wisdom of Aerosmith

I've been running a sort of trivia game on my daily joke page in which I defy my readers to tell me the source of various song lyrics. In the process of wandering through my music collection for inspiration I realized how positive most rock and roll is. For example, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith prompts us to try something new once in a while, especially if life is disappointing. In his song, "Get a Grip" he makes the reason clear - "If you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've… Continue

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