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Meet Me today... Virtual OR Live

I just wanted to let you know that I am the guest blogger this morning on the Working Stiffs blog which is the official blog of the Pennsylvania Sisters In Crime. Stop by and post a comment so they know I have some friends. :-)

And don't forget that I'm live and in person today at the Borders Express at Dulles Town Center. The folks there are always good to me, and the customers seem to like my novels so it's a visit I always look… Continue

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Tomorrow I return to what has almost become my home store: Borders Express at Dulles Town Center. The folks there are always good to me, and the customers seem to like my novels so it’s a visit I always look forward to. If you’re in that area, stop by and say hello Saturday between noon and 4 pm. The store is at 21100 Dulles Town Circle, Dulles VA.

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Another Great Mystery

While looking around for good summer reads for you to add to your personal library, it occurred to me that I have failed to recommend the historical mysteries of my good buddy Robert W. Walker. Rob’s rep as a horror writer has overshadowed his amazing mystery work but if you’ve missed his detective fiction you’ve shortchanged yourself.

The remedy is to rush out and pick up a copy of “… Continue

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Another Great Place for a Good Book

Goodreads is a social web site designed to make reading fun. There are lots of book recommendation websites out there that list random people’s reviews. On Goodreads, when a person adds a book to the site, all their friends can see what they thought of it. The theory is, people are more likely to get excited about a book their friend recommends than a suggestion from a stranger.

So this is the place where you can see what your… Continue

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And about those book fairs...

The worst part of attending book fairs is that sometimes other authors forget why I’m there. They come to my table when I’m trying to interact with potential readers and stand there and talk to me about THEIR books. Some of these guys get lost in their chatter, looking me right in the eye not realizing that I’m already visualizing the duct tape over their mouth.

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Of Book Fairs and Podcasts

That most recent fair was the Philadelphia Book Festival. Saturday was a good book signing day, despite the pollen that had me sneezing thru an itchy nose all day. Sunday brought a downpour that caused us to leave a bit early. But the trip was super anyway, because my lovely wife Dee and I got to spend some time with my frat brother Marc and his charming wife Pat. They were perfect hosts so even though Philly wasn’t the perfect book signing opportunity, we’ll be looking for an excuse to… Continue

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Meet me this weekend in PHILADELPHIA

This weekend I'll really be on the road, zooming up to Philadelphia for a massive book signing. More than 60 of the nation's top writers will gather in Philadelphia for the second Philadelphia Book Festival , the Free Library's annual celebration of reading and literacy. It's held outside the Central Library on the Parkway (18th, 19th & Vine Streets) from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday. If you're in the Philly area I hope… Continue

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Another Great Mystery Novel

When people hear that my mystery novels are set in Washington DC they often ask if they are steeped in political intrigue. I usually try to stay away from the politics but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy books that use the federal side of the DC setting. One recent fun example is Julie Hyzy's debut novel, "State of the Onion."

As you might guess by the title, this fun story involves both the… Continue

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Another Great Web Site for Mystery Writers

If you've ever needed a good mystery, but didn't know where to turn, here's a suggestion. At Mystery Lovers Corner you will find many of the hottest new bestsellers as well as the obscure hidden treasures. New authors and books are added daily, and they maintain a list of upcoming books for you to be waiting for.

Authors can set up their own web page on Mystery Lovers Corner and for a small fee they offer lots… Continue

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You can STILL enjoy my last 2 events

Last night’s interview on blog talk radio show “Today’s Author” was a blast! You can still listen to the show today!

Last weekend I had my first chance to sign at Borders in Bowie, MD. As with most Borders stores the folks were very warm and welcoming. And one thing I can always count on at Borders is a fine cup of coffee! The signing must have been a success, because before I left we booked a… Continue

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Today I get to do some virtual traveling. You can "see" me on David Ewen's Blog Talk Radio program, Today's Author. David interviews a different writer every Monday evening. I'll be his guest tonight at 9 pm. Listen in live tonight. -

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On LIne Today, In Person Tomorrow!

Today you can read my Mother's Day essay in the form of a guest entry on The Stiletto Gang blog. -

Tomorrow I get to visit a Borders store I haven't been to before. It's the one at the Gateway Center in Bowie, MD. It should be easy to reach for my Maryland friends, at the northernmost end of Mitchellville Road, just west of the Route 50/Route 301 interchange at exit 13. For those of you addicted to Mapquest, the address is 4420… Continue

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A Great Mystery will get you Sober

I like to point you to a good read now and again, and today I get to make up for a recent oversight.

When I told you that Elizabeth Zelvin had the most creative hat at Malice Domestic I didn't mean to imply that this was the only reason to know her name. Elizabeth is also the author of an exceptional first novel called "Death Will Get You Sober." Writing an… Continue

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Another Free Web site

It's hard to turn down anything that's free, and that includes a free web site, which is one reason you'll find me at AuthorsDen. It is surely the largest and most vibrant free online community of authors and readers. They tell me the site is visited by more than 1.4 million readers every month. I have listed my bio, my books and some writing there. I also post to my AuthorsDen blog frequently. I think readers discover new authors there,… Continue

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Conference Afterthought

At the Maryland Writers Conference I had the chance to speak to a lot of writers who were starting out, and a few who are well established. That is always fun but I must admit that sometimes a very enthusiastic person will approach to tell me their every exciting story and what comes rushing out is less than clear. At one point yesterday I found myself tempted to tell one aspiring author, "It sounds like English, but I can't understand a word you’re saying."

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As always, the Maryland Writers Association Conference was a blast. Everything went smoothly, from Friday night's banquet and editor's panel to the mixer at the closing. The fact that my lovely wife Denise was the conference coordinator was merely a coincidence, of course.

It was also the first opportunity for anyone to see my latest book, a nonfiction title for authors entitled "Successfully… Continue

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This weekend I’ll make my annual trek to Linthicum Heights, MD for the Maryland Writers' Association 20th Anniversary Conference. It’s a great opportunity for writers to hone their craft in sessions led by established authors, instructors, and experts, plus agents and editors will be available for individual critique sessions. Keynote speaker Tom Monteleone is a… Continue

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More Kind Words

You know how I love to share reader feedback. This week I’d like to introduce you to Betty Hyland.

Betty is a fine author in her own right, writing as Carol O’Rourke. I met her when I spoke to the Writers of Chantilly not long ago. She took home a copy of The Troubleshooter and was kind enough to share her opinion on Even her… Continue

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