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Russian Roulette gets a 5-star Review

Kansas posted this on "If you like a good mystery, the Hannibal Jones series is a good one to get hooked on. The character is believable, and Austin Comacho keeps the story going at a good pace. I highly recommend his books and look forward to reading all of them."

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A NEW 5-Star Review!

Damascena had a lot to say about The Troubleshooter on

"Very occasionally, when I finish a book which is so good that it leaves me speechless, my reaction is a sharply indrawn breath, and a whispered ..."Oh ... my ... God!" That is the reaction I had at the end of this book. For one thing, Mr. Camacho is a stellar story teller. He grabs you in the first chapter, and keeps tight hold of you, never letting your attention wander until the very last word. He is a master of his…


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Yep! Another 5-Star Review!

Another 5-star Review! M. Simpson "Kindle lover" (Houston, TX) - posted this about The Piranha Assignment:

"I loved it. It was a great action adventure with memorable characters. It was a little unbelievable at times, but it was a fun read. I highly recommend it if you like adventure stories."…


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