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My latest obsession-compulsion: Perez-Reverte

I'm reading all the new Arturo Perez-Reverte novels (at long last; I'd been meaning to get around to them) ...I'm using the justification that I want to study his writing style inside out, upside down and sideways.

I'm saving the historical novels for a later date, when I have more time (yeah, right! Like that's ever gonna happen!)

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Two great new Spring releases of note

Susan Fleet has just published her New Orleans-based mystery, Absolution. Check out her website for more information.

Christopher Rice, coincidentally a New Orleans native, just published his most recent crime fiction novel, Blind Fall. Check out his website for additional information.

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Jonathan Alfred Morales

Today I was able to get the LA Times homicide report on the murder near my home. Jonathan Alfred Morales,

age 17, was stabbed at approximately 6:37 p.m. One suspect is in

custody and another remains at large.

Every victim of a violent crime deserves some

dignity. It began, for me, by finding the name of the victim. As a

writer and afficionado of mystery fiction, I like to maintain the myth

that justice is done, that wounds are healed, grievances are… Continue

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Inside the crimescene

Last night I arrived home to find that my

apartment building was inside the perimeter of a crimescene. It offered a very different perspective on the

sight, one few novelists (and never on television)

describe. I was not there as a reporter, nor a witness, neither casual observer nor victim.


finally was allowed to enter in order to go home. My brother, on the

other hand, was not allowed to retrieve his car to go to work; no one


leave the… Continue

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West Hollywood Book Fair

The 6th annual West Hollywood Book Fair last

weekend was hit --especially the track of mystery panels organized by

local author John Morgan Wilson. There were a number of mystery fans

--and writers-- in attendance.

After the LA Times Festival of Books each

April, the WHBF has grown in a relatively short time to become the

second largest literary event in Southern California. It is no where as

crowded, however. Yes, people do read in Southern… Continue

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