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Follow My Lead

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. - Gabriel Marcel

Writers are like magicians in their ability to pull characters out of their hats. The well-written protagonists become almost real people that can

stay with the writer and the reader well after the book is finished. They run

the gamut from Beowulf to Hamlet; from Holden Caulfield to the

Vampire Lestat; from the almost iconic Sherlock Holmes and Sam Spade to John

Rebus. The list is…


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Face the Music

How often, while your mind is immersed in a mystery, does the lead

character slip a favorite cd into his player while he’s driving to parts


Or perhaps when he’s drinking a bad day away?

When Mr. “Heroic-Lead” listens to music, he listens for the same reasons

we do -

to escape. But in that freedom, we crawl inside his head for a while and

feel his thoughts. Ian Rankin’s “Let It Bleed” is the quintessential…

Added by Jennifer Jordan on March 11, 2007 at 2:10pm — 7 Comments

The Funny Bones

Lenny Bruce said that all of his humor was based on destruction and despair and nothing less can be said of the following writers. They have

melded the two seemingly polar opposites of crime fiction and humor into intelligent

tales of people at their best and their worst. By meeting the darkest moments

of their lives with humor, their characters show a resilience and humanness

difficult to emulate with purely straight fiction. For the…


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