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Green Pen Writers' Conference, Frankenmuth, MI

So it's almost April (with its shoures soote) and I'm looking forward to the active part of the year. All winter I focused on writing, managing to finish Book #3 of the Simon & Elizabeth series and Book #2 of the Dead Detective series. I'm at work on Book #3, but author appearances are starting to emerge. There were two in March, and from there on, the calendar starts to look like a dartboard, with towns and times scribbled all over the place.

The interesting date this month…


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I Won! Why Do I Care?

They'll tell you that awards mean nothing. No big sales surge. No extra attention from publishers and agents. No movie deals. Got it. Nevertheless, when I got word yesterday that I won Best Mystery of the Year with THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY, I forgot all that and succumbed to joy. Somebody--whether several or dozens or hundreds or hordes of somebodies--thinks my book is worth…


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Am I Famous Yet?

Chris Redding interviews me today on her blog:

Thanks, Chris!

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