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Oh, Those Blog Tours!

They'll tell you an author can't succeed without them, but at a certain point, this one sure wishes she could!

My blog tour for DEAD FOR THE MONEY starts this week, and the schedule is printed below. There are of course prizes if you're willing to visit blogs and make comments between now and June 7th (even comments on this blog will work). LL Publications provided invaluable help with the tour in the form of a publicist who contacted all the bloggers and made dates for me to visit.…


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Now That's Freaky

I had lunch with an author friend recently, and she mentioned that her editor has twice now commented on the mood of her books, which gets darker in bad times and lighter in better times. The editor has never met my friend but accurately identified times when she was dealing with personal tragedy. The books were different than those which came when life was happily humming along.

Wow. Do we know we're revealing so much of ourselves as we write? I know from studying literature that…


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What's It Like to Be Dead?

The second Dead Detective Mystery, DEAD FOR THE MONEY, comes out on Friday, and the publicist for LL-Publishing has arranged a blog tour for me beginning in May. (This in itself is cool, because I've always had to arrange my own before.) In most of the posts, I'll be letting Seamus, Dead Detective, explain his view of things. I'll keep you apprised of the schedule as it develops.

So what is it like to be dead? There are so many possible answers that the mind boggles. Some say death is…


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