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Sobbing on the Pages

I've never been much for sob stories. Of course, great literature tends to be tragic, and some of those stories are on my list of all-time favorites. I love reading versions of the King Arthur legend, for example, but I know that I'll be sad at the end because that "fleeting wisp of glory" could not sustain itself in the face of Man's corruption.

The best tragedies offer us some kind of hope, but even so, as I've gotten older, I find myself reading fewer books that I know can't end…


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What Good Is an Editor?

Two big assets: distance and business sense.

First, distance. An editor is (or should be) someone who is removed from emotional attachment to a work. The editor acts as an enlightened reader, reacting to what he/she sees and noting places where more, less, or better is needed. Editors are a bit like teachers, who work with a large number of "children" and therefore can better judge your "child's" suitability for society.

Second, business sense. Editors need to keep their…


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Edits and Finishing Them, Sort of

The problem with being a writer is that you're never off duty. Ideas arise, phrases occur, characters appear, and they have to be captured before they fade in memory.

A subdivision of that is the editing process, which can stretch into infinity. I have a very nice editor who made some very helpful suggestions on a manuscript, and I've been working on them. So am I done? Did I do what she asked me to? Yeah. I mean, I think so. But when someone asks for more setting or more clues to… Continue

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I'm a Kindlette!

I just found my e-book, GO HOME AND DIE, is now available on Kindle. That's so cool.

Now if I just had a Kindle of my very own!

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Judging Books

I am a person of strong opinions, at least where books are concerned. However, I'm not likely to share them publicly, as in "I hated Jane Smith's newest release because..." Here's why.

Book-loving is subjective for me, as I suspect it is for most. I can't get past a weak plot or an unlikeable protagonist or side trips that muddy the story for no reason. I am aware that these are my own prejudices, and I am also aware that others often don't mind such things. This does not… Continue

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The Party's Over

We left Malice after closing ceremonies on Sunday, tired but happy. The traditional farewell tea was lovely, and I'd like to commend those who work so hard to make Malice a success each year. It's an effort-laden thing, making such an event look effortless.

Malice is a con devoted to (but not exclusive to) cozy writers, those who seldom dismember their vicitms and never in detail. Still, we are mystery writers, and death isn't pretty. At Malice one meets authors who include along…


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