So, who are "domestic terrorists?" Have a clue? Whom do you fear? Forget the rantings of talk show hosts and self-proclaimed pundits. Let's ask the FBI.

Of 335 suspected or confirmed acts of terrorism in the United States, almost all were the work of either white supremacists or anti-abortion activists.

If you are fearful of so-called "Islamic Terrorists," rest easy. The big threat isn't from fanatical Muslims, it's fanatical Christians and....the REALLY BIG Eco-Terrorism.

The FBI warns our nation’s top domestic threat is acts of violence, sabotage or property damage motivated by concern for animals, the environment, or the environment of animals.”

Obviously anyone who loves animals, or has a pet, or speaks out for the safety of animals should expect full body searches in public places, denial of due process if "arrested" and not be allowed on airplanes.

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