Saturday Spotlight: a woman with a split personality

One of the things I love about this Saturday Spotlight is that I learn a lot about my fellow authors. Take today's author. I had no idea N.D. had so many books out with so many publishers. Or that she was an accomplished painter. Or working on an archaelogy degree. She makes me feel like a slouch!

Here's her brief bio and you'll see what I mean:

N. D. Hansen-Hill was the author of 25 fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels until a year ago. That's when she began writing romances under the pseudonym Melody Knight. Melody now has five romantic suspense, sf romance, and sf fantasy novels to her credit, and—more recently—2 erotic novellas. Whether horror novel or erotic novella, all ND's books are suspenseful.
When she's not writing, ND oil paints, and now has work in 8 countries. She's also studying archeology, with the goal of qualifying by the end of next year to do contract archeology throughout the Pacific rim.

Her books are published widely, with 26 published or contracted by Five Star, Linden Bay Romance, Fictionwise, Drollerie Press, Red Rose Publishing, and Cerridwen Press.

Here's the book blurb for In Flames, by Melody Knight [romantic suspense]

Lady Sophia Donovan has everything a woman could wish for—a new-found family, the hard-earned respect of her peers in the corporate world, loyal friends, and an exciting lover.

Marco Willis is a spy. Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so-virile, he's long been accustomed to bedding women and securing information while between the sheets. But Sophie is unlike any woman he's ever known. With her open, warm, and loving nature she not only gains Marco's trust, she captures his heart. But is there more to Lady Donovan than meets the eye?

When a series of terrifying events threatens Sophie's life, things really begin to heat up. Marco, the man she's grown to love, is determined to protect her at all costs. How can he hope to win, though, when his opponent is a dead man, and his only weapons are Sophie's secret past and a bunch of buried memories? In Flames—a scorching hot read that you won't be able to put down.

And here's some links to get you going: (there's a link to an excerpt there, too)

I asked her how she writes her blurbs, which I think are one of the most challenging aspects of writing fiction.

"I always find that the best time to write a blurb is immediately after I finish a book, when the thrill is still with me and the story fills my head. Sometimes the words for a blurb don't come as easily as the rest of the story, though! In those cases, I'll write the blurb after the first edit. I always try to include some of the tension, and offer the reader a little insight into the character's dilemma. There's always a dilemma, of some kind, usually life-threatening if it's one of my novels. I like the edge-of-your-seat stuff!"

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next ...

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