It's time for the "Did I forget anything?" moment and the goodbyes. I'm planning to visit libraries on the way south today and then spend the night with my son and daughter-in-law. The biggest problem right now is books. I sold every copy I ordered and have a waiting list here at home, plus I have none to take on the tour. (NOT complaining about that!) It's just that I have to figure out how to get more. Between us my son and I have a plan.

The other concern in Michigan in February is, of course, weather, but that isn't a big concern according to predictions. Being a life-long northerner I'm not worried, but it does make my husband fret to have me on bad roads alone. We both wish he were coming along, but family matters keep him here watching the old homestead.

On the cool side, I've never, ever taken a trip alone, so I'm excited about the prospect of making every single decision without taking anyone else into consideration. Stop for lunch anywhere I want, sleep when I want, and talk to myself all the way if I want. It should be great, and if I'm a little bit lonely for a week or two, it will just make coming home all the better.

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