Rebroadcast of Biography Channel Interview This Week

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Hope all is well for you and yours.

For those of you who missed my TV interview on the Biography Channel's Crime Stories, here's a chance to catch the rebroadcast at the end of this week as follows:

Crime Stories: The Love Slave Murders
Gerald Gallego, son of a convicted killer, and Charlene Gallego, honor student and musical prodigy, were a match made in hell. Preying mostly on young women to be disposable "love slaves", they raped and murdered ten people in counties across the western States between 1978 and 1980. The Gallegos earned the odious title of the first husband and wife serial murderers.

The Biography Channel
"The Love Slave Murders":

Friday, May 30th 10:00pm, EST; 7:00pm, PST
Saturday, May 31st 2:00am, EST; 11:00pm, PST
Saturday, May 31st 6:00pm, EST; 3:00pm, PST

The episode is based on my bestselling true crime book, THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS.

Hope you get a chance to catch it.

By the way, my next TV interview will be shown in September on the Investigation Discovery channel new crime series on killer couples, Wicked Attraction.

I will talk about pair serial killers, what motivates, precursors to homicidal violence, and more!



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