Since I last posed my blog, I’ve had a week away on ‘dog hols’ with my wife, Lisa, and our faithful canine companion, Murphy, plus our good friends Andy and Michelle (who also answer to Broadside Bob and Mrs Bip, but we won’t go into that now). The four of us go away for a week once a year in the UK, finding a dog-friendly cottage so that Murphy can come too, which has the added benefit of allowing us to visit parts of our fair and sunny isle that we haven’t been to before. This time, we journeyed down to the south coast near Folkestone, and while I won’t bore you with the full details of our trip, suffice to say that booze, barbeques, long walks, and hot tubs all featured heavily!

But back to business – there’s been an exciting development with regards to my debut novel, Justice For All – my very first interview has been arranged! Last week, I received an e-mail from MIDAS, my publicity firm, requesting that I send through a photo of myself quick smart. I duly obliged, and just fifteens minutes later I was told that Arena Magazine, the popular men’s monthly, wanted to interview me for a piece on young and upcoming thriller writers. Talk about things moving fast! I’m to report to a secret location in East London on Tuesday 1st July for both a Q&A and photo shoot. A photo shoot! It seems weird just typing that out. When I first started working on the book I was leading a hermit like existence in my spare room chained to the keyboard, but now there’s a national magazine that wants to talk to me! I just hope the shoot isn’t swimwear…


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