Thrillerfest was an almost impossibly good time. I got to talk to all the names: Sandra Brown, Harlan Coben, Kathy Reichs, Barry Eisler, Patterson, Baldacci, Von Lustbader... there isn’t space. The panels were wonderful, including the one I got to be on. The interviews instructive and the banquet top notch. But I must admit that the best part for me – even above the weapons demo given by the ATF - was chatting with my agent, who happens to be married to an editor at Tor. I also spent some time with an audio producer. The net result of all this is a bunch of great news that I can’t talk about... yet.

I can tell you that I pitched an urban fantasy to my agent and she demanded the first 100 pages so she can go sell it. Her husband asked me to write a YA to appear under the byline of a major sports star, and the producer asked me to host a BlogTalkRadio show. Hopefully I can give you details instead of hints soon, but the point is that the conference turned out to be a major networking opportunity.

You can get a more comprehensive outsider’s view of Thrillerfest in an article from the Canadian Globe and Mail. I’m quoted in the piece about three-quarters of the way down.

While I was gone I was on the internet elsewhere. A blog called Sling Words commented on my last guest blog, focusing on writers’ expectations of their marketing efforts. Joan Reeves, who writes Sling Words, is smart and realistic, and her blog turns out to be very interesting in its own right and deserves regular reading.

Yesterday I started my turn as guest blogger on the Pop Syndicate site. That appearance is also to promote my newest book, “Successfully Marketing Your Novel in the 21st Century” and features my video, articles and more cool stuff.

And today, a new guest blog went up on “Authors on the Net,” another fine blog for writers AND readers. Blog-master Phil Davis watches over four cool web sites, each of which deserves a little attention. Of course, today I’ll just point you to the one featuring ME!

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