Lately I’ve been exploring crossover fiction (at the suggestion of my agent who says these books are hot) and I must admit I’ve enjoyed what I found. This week I want to share a lost classic that I found in my local used book store (Burke Used Books if you live near me.)

A couple decades before Jim Butcher introduced us to Harry Dresden, Mike Resnick put New York private eye John Justin Mallory into a supernatural setting. “Stalking the Unicorn” originally came out in 1987 but it’s being re-released this year. In it, all seems normal until an elf hires Mallory to find his stolen unicorn. Part of the fun is watching the PI deal with his own skepticism. Mallory really takes the detective work seriously, even while dealing with gnomes and leprechauns. I certainly chuckled, but at the same time was impressed at how well Resnick kept up the hard-boiled dialog. It’s a fun read that stays just inside the detective novel boundaries.

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