I have a small part in the book I’m recommending this week, but you should certainly add it to your library. “New Lines From the Old Line State” is a multi-faceted anthology published by the Maryland Writers Association and edited by Ally Peltier.

For more than 20 years, the Maryland Writers Association has nurtured and supported the state’s literary arts community with monthly meetings, workshops, lectures, author showcases, newsletters, and an annual writers' conference. I am a long time member, and even held the presidency for a couple of years. One of my goals in those days was to get the Association to publish some of its members.

Luckily, leadership after me was more effective. So now, for the first time, a select group of MWA members delivers a riveting introduction to the region's writing community in New Lines from the Old Line State. It’s a great collection of poetry, essays and short stories. Among those stores, you’ll find the only solo Felicity O’Brien story every published. So if you’re a Camacho completist, you’ll want to see Felicity in action before she partnered up with Morgan Stark. And even if you’re not, you’ll want to read this collection from some of Maryland’s best upcoming literary talents.

Check out New Lines From the Old Line State.

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