I've been a fan of Jason Starr's fiction since reading his stories in various anthologies and his novel Twisted City. Two weeks ago I won an ARC of his latest novel, due in stores August 2007.

The Follower centers on Katie Porter, twenty-two, from Lenox, Mass. determined to prove to herself and her parents she can make it in New York City.

Katie's idea of making it includes finding the right guy for a longterm relationship, and as the novel opens, she thinks she may have found him in Andy Barnett. Complicating things, though, is the sudden appearance of Peter Wells, a familiar face from Lenox. Recalling Peter as a friend of her older sister's, Katie isn't sure how to take his sudden interest in her.

Balancing Peter's, Katie's, and Andy's viewpoints, Starr shows how deeply men and women can misread each other. The principal characters are all believably flawed, and once again Starr eases things expertly from normal to noir.

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