Once again, James Lee Burke has taken us deep into the troubled past of his best character. Crusader's Cross gives us a look at Dave Robicheaux's relationship with his half-brother Jimmy. Having met a peculiar woman in Galveston, TX years earlier, Dave's past comes back to torment him and those closest to him in the present.

This newsest novel shows us more of Clete, a unique side of Helen, and a softer and temporarily calmer Dave. With his typical flair for drama and tremendously troubled characters, Burke really puts Dave through the ringer at the hands of true evil.

A serial killer, prostitution, and of course murder take their toll on Dave and those around him, including a new love interest. Excellent writing, as always, and Burke's trademark visual description make this another awesome read that I highly recommend.

Crusader's Cross by James Lee Burke

Pocket Books ISBN 0-7432-7720-1

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