Partying is not all I've done in the last couple of weeks. My signing at The Book Space inside the State Department headquarters building was both great fun and a solid success. My Stark and O'Brien books went over well there because I met folks who had been stationed in Belize, Belgium and other locales featured in those novels.
I happened to sign at Borders in Fredericksburg on "Teacher's Night," when educators got special discounts on all they bought. So, many of the customers that evening were gathering up children's books to use in class. I didn’t think that would make for a particularly good signing. Nonetheless I nearly sold out of books that night.

The Virginia Festival of the Book was great fun, not just because of great panels and the chance to fill out my own collection of autographed books, but because I got a chance to chat with some old pals, including Barry Eisler and Rob Walker.

And there is other news I'm eager to share. The Crime and Suspense e-zine is publishing an anthology of the favorite stories they published in their 2005 and 2006 issues. The editors have let me know that they will include one of my stories in the book, along with a number of other crime writers who I admire. While we wait for the anthology, you should be reading Crime and Suspense to see the level of story they carry every month. -

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