LJ's Top Reads of 2002

Banks, T.F. - The Thief Taker Barton, Dan - Dead Crowd
Burke, Jan - Nine
Connelly, Michael - City of Bones
DuBois, Brenden - Killer Waves
Ford, G.M. - Black River
Gerritesen, Tess - The Apprentice
Grafton, Sue - Q is for Quarry
Harvey, John - East Meat
Hoag, Tami - Dark Horse
Katzenbach, John - The Analyst
King, Laurie R. - Folly
Moorcraft, Paul - The Anchoress of Shere
O'Connelll, Carol - Crime School
Simmons, Dan - Hard Case
Simmons, Dan - Hard Freeze
Smith, Martin J. - Straw Man
Stabenow, Dana - A Fine and Bitter Snow

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