LJ's Top and Bottom Reads of 2006

Top Reads: Box, C.J. - In Plain Sight
Bruen, Ken - Priest
Coben, Harlan - Promise Me
Fforde, Jasper - The Big Over Easy
Francis, Dick - Under Orders
Freeman, Brian - Immoral
Kerley, Jack - The Death Collectors
Klavan, Andrew - Damnation Street
O'Brian, Martin - Jacquot and the Angel
Parker, Ann - Silver Lies
Penny, Louise - Still Life
Penny, Louise - Dead Cold
Perry, Anne - Long Spoon Lane
Pickard, Nancy - The Virgin of Small Plains
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Grave
Templeton, Aline - Past Praying For
Templeton, Aline - The Darkness and the Deep

Bottom Reads (NR and DNF): Benoit, Charles - Out of Order
Blanchard, Alice - Life Sentences
Bourne, Sam - The Righteous Men
Connor, John - A Child's Game
Crouch, Blake - Desert Places
Crouch, Blake - Locked Doors
Deaver, Jeffery - The Empty Chair
Doherty, P.C - Murder Wears a Cowl
Dymmoch, Michael Allen - The Cymry Ring
Goodman, Carol - Lake of Dead Languages
Gray, Clio - Guardians of the Key
Hall, James W. - Forests of teh Night
Jardine, Quintin - Head Shot
Jones, Tamara Siler - Ghosts in the Snow
Kent, David - The Black Jac Conspircy
Kingdon, Will - The Cold Calling
Kinman, Gay Tolti - Castle Reiner
Konrath, J.A. - Rusty Nail
Speart, Jessica - Unsafe Harbor
Temple, Peter - The Broken Shore

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