THE SWEET AND THE DEAD (Suspense-Mississippi/Texas-1970) – VG Burton,
Milton T – 2nd book –Standalone
Thomas Dunne Books, 2006- Amer Hardcover

Retired Dallas County deputy sheriff Manfred Eugene “Hog” Webern agrees to go undercover to break up a group of criminals that have come to be named “The Dixie Mafia.” Hog left the police force under a well-publicized cloud which gives him entry and credibility with the gang who are planning the biggest heist ever. But Hog begin to wonder who are the real criminals?

Burton is such a find. Late into the field, his first book “The Rogue’s Game” is one of which I still think and recommend. There are a lot of characters and a complex plot. Hog has a wonderful, slightly self-deprecating and often humorous voice, but he is also strong with a solid sense of justice. I enjoyed that there was a love interest but it didn’t side track the story. Burton has a true skill for creating a time and regional atmosphere that brought me firmly into the story. If you’ve not yet read Burton’s books do yourself a favor: find them, read them, and enjoy them.

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