Ah, getting started on a cool and potentially rainy April morning. There is that old saying about April showers, but after the freeze earlier this month and the serious lack of April showers otherwise, I don't know what sort of flowers May's going to bring.

Well, a tiny bit about me. I'm 45, married, and have a teenage son. I've been writing pretty much all my life, not counting the break I took after my son was born. My first mystery story was written with a school friend when I was 9. Handwritten, it took up a lot of pages, but came out to only about 40 when I typed it up years later. We were quite proud of ourselves for finishing it, lol! At this point, though, I don't think it exists anymore.

I began writing with the serious intent of publication around ten or twelve years ago, and have the requisite three manuscripts that will never see publication tucked away in storage. My first published novel, Blood Money, was originally the fourth in a series, but serves well as the first instead. It and the novels Rio Star and Reef Runner comprise the Patty O'Donnell Suspense series, or what there is of it so far. Rio Star was one of four finalists in the 2007 Eppie Awards in the Mystery category. You can find chapter excerpts on my website.

My current WIP is a mystery/suspense set on Maui, featuring a new protagonist. So far, I'm about two chapters in.

I apologize about not having a picture to put up. Maybe someday, but for now, I don't have anything I want to show off to the world, lol!


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