Two reasons to be happy today-we arrived safely in Indiana after two breakdowns with the motorhome on interstate highways, and two wrecks ahead of us, one of which caused us to have to leave the highway and detour. We arrived yesterday, weary and not too happy. We're at the motorhome factory service place to get some repairs done. Never fun, but necessary.

Second reason to be happy is much better. A story I had published back in 1993 has been republished in Crime and Suspense:

Believe me, this is not autobiographical--just my twsited mind at work. LOL

I did very little writing all week on any fiction--did catch up on some emails, though. I hope I do better next week.

Anyone else write a thousand words every single day this past week? If so, let me know--I need the inspriation!

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Comment by Jan Christensen on May 1, 2007 at 11:27am
Well, Laine, I'm ready to shoot something, but I think it's the motorhome. LOL It's rusting away as we sit in it. We're having the windshield replaced because the metal frame that holds it is so rusty, the windshield is cracking all over. It also appears we need a new transmission. Yes, there's a story in all this, but I'm too tired to write it. LOL And it hits jsut a bit too close to home--I prefer to write about other people troubles, not my own. LOL Thanks for the comment!
Comment by Laine on April 30, 2007 at 10:33pm
Congrats on the story. I'm sorry your trip wasn't more enjoyable, but there's a story in there somewhere...picture it...tired and cranky RVers, delayed due to snarling traffic and accidents, finally arrive at their destination only to find the doors locked and a surly gate guard unwilling to even give them directions, so they shoot him. LOL...there, feel better now? LOL


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