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My first blog on Crimespace and it's a biggie!!

Cue the drum roll and clash of cymbals - THE NIGHT FERRY has hit the bookshops in the UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

NB. America is coming soon on July 10. (Complete with a publicity tour - so don't leave me out there on my own)

Here are some early review quotes:

Val McDermid (author of the ‘Wire in the Blood’ series and much more)

'THE NIGHT FERRY is all about the human heart -- heart-stopping, heart-breaking and heart-wrenching.'

Peter James (award-winning author of ‘Dead Simple’)

'It is more than Michael Robotham's characters that leap off the page; he writes in a voice with a haunting sense of soul that stays with you long after you have finished. He rightly deserves to be classed among the very best of British thriller writers.'

US Publishers Weekly:

'In keeping with the opening sentence's invocation of Graham Greene, the author's terse, resonant prose hides more than it reveals. Readers will hope Robotham has many more books of this calibre in him.'

Booklist - American Library Association:

‘…a mystery as twisted and slippery as an umbilical cord.’

The Australian Women's Weekly:

'A woman's desperate desire to have a baby lies at the heart of this stunning runner-up great read, by an Australian author whose classy thrillers are earning him an international reputation.’

Men's Style (Australia):

'Robotham's third novel is a masterpiece of plot and character, of tension and ambiguous morality. How far should one go to create a family?'


Okay, enough of the shameless plugging. You can’t blame me. I spent 18 months writing this sucker (elephants take less time to give birth) and now I want someone to love it as much as I do.

I know I’m supposed to say that I write for myself and that I don’t really care what people think and I don’t read the reviews. It ain't true. Dan Brown or Patsy Cornwall might have stopped reading their reviews (their royalty statements are far more interesting and positive) but the rest of us, well, we still care...

I have only ever had one truly horrid review, (by another crime writer who shall remain nameless). I know I should count myself lucky, but that’s not how it works. I don’t remember the hundred good reviews - just the bad one. I can even quote from it.

During my past career as a ghost-writer, working on celebrity autobiographies, Geri Halliwell told me the story of the Spice Girls at the height of their fame going to a Lenny Kravitz concert and being acknowledged in the crowd by the great man. Hundreds of concert-goers turned towards the balcony seats and gave them a cheer, but the only person Geri could see was a lone patron flipping a bird.

Okay, I’m not as bad as Geri, but you get the idea. I have a writer’s ego. Therapy is helping.

What other news?

The Italian translation is now out. ‘IL TRAGHETTO DI ROTTERDAM’, which I think translates as ‘The Ferry of Rotterdam’. And my Dutch edition 'NACHTBOOT' has been reprinted. To all of my Dutch readers, thanks for your support. I had a brilliant time in Amsterdam in February and can't wait to go back.

The promotional trail starts this week in Australia and moves to America in July. Publication was put back a month because of a cover redesign and I think Doubleday has it absolutely right. The great thing about July is that I'll be in New York for THRILLERFEST from the 12-15th of July.

Organised by the International Thriller Writers Association, it is an annual celebration of thrillers, books and films. Check out the details at: http://www.thrillerwriters.org

The first Thrillerfest was last June in Phoenix and was a rousing success according to writer mates and reviewers who managed to get along there. This year’s big names include Jeffrey Deaver, Heather Graham, Vince Flynn, Lisa Gardner and James Patterson.

Although I won’t be going this year, other big crime writing festivals on the horizon include:

The Harrogate Crime Writing Festival - the premier event of its kind in the UK. Tickets are now on sale: http://www.harrogate-festival.org.uk/crime/

And Bouchercon 2007 ‘Bearly Alive’ is fast approaching in Anchorage Alaska. (I just love the title). http://www.bouchercon2007.com/ Sadly, again I won’t be attending but I’m polishing my party shoes for Bouchercon 2008 ‘Charmed to Death’ in Baltimore Marylands when John Harvey will be the international guest of honour and the gorgeously talented Laura Lipman will be the US guest of honour and Mark Billingham the toastmaster. What a combination?

I’ve posted my latest schedule on my website: http://www.michaelrobotham.com/ on the off chance I’ll be coming to a bookstore near you. If I’m lucky enough for this to be the case, please come and say hello.

Happy reading




Winner of the Whitbread Novel Award 2005. Dazzling stuff.

‘MY FRIEND LEONARD’ by James Frey.

I know Oprah gave him a hard time over fabricating stuff in ‘MILLION LITTLE PIECES’ but I’m willing to forgive the guy. He’s a class writer. All he has to do is call if ‘fiction’ and stop trying to make out he’s lived it.


Nothing - I mean it - no TV, no movies, no music videos. I’m desperately trying to finish the next book. It’s nose down, bum up, hard work.


Jason Mratz - he’s my kind of musician. Please come and play Australia.

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Comment by Leann Sweeney on June 6, 2007 at 1:43pm
Oh man, can I relate to the "bad" review. I got one recently and really it wasn't that bad. She spoke her mind and I wouldn't want it any other way. But an "ouch" is allowed from those of us with the tough skin we need to get published and the flesh stinging like a new sunburn that lies just beneath when people say things like ... okay. Not going there. My good reviews--as I'm sure yours as well--run 99 to 1 and that's pretty damn good.
Comment by Katherine Howell on May 3, 2007 at 6:20pm
Hi Michael, love the post, love your books! Hope the tour goes well. And stalk Laura Lippman a little for me in 2008, would you? In a nice kinda way.

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