My other blog is dedicated to helping rebuild the public libraries of New Orleans. The book is completed and revised, and I hope to have it out by the end of the summer. Here is a quick description of the book:

Out of New Orleans before the catastrophe that was made by a hurricane and, as Dante wrote, “of false gods who lied,” comes The Beatitudes, part one in the New Orleans Trilogy. The Beatitudes portrays New Orleans as Dante’s purgatory, a place were the sins of men are exposed for all to see, where redemption is close at hand but most often lost.

This world is revealed by the lives of two social workers, Hannah Dubois (white and nicknamed Scrimp) and Earlene Washington (African-American and nicknamed Pinch), who start their own business, Social Investigations, in order to solve the murders of ten foster children in New Orleans, Louisiana. The NOPD, the Catholic Church, and politicians have sidestepped clues that point to those who hold great power. As Hannah and Earlene find more and more evidence, they also know that they are dealing with a force that crosses into the realm of the spiritual. The murderers are part of a secret organization called the White Army (le Armee Blanc), centered in New Orleans, but rooted in Medieval Europe and the Children’s Crusades. Each clue leads to a beatitude and each chapter defines the novel: The Pure of Heart, The Persecuted, The Merciful, The Sorrowful, The Peacemakers, The Meek, The Poor in Spirit, and Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Justice. The Beatitudes is thus a study of good and evil, and that act, the murder of innocent children, which encompasses all of the seven deadly sins.

So it is Book I of The New Orleans Trilogy, loosely based on Dante Divine Comedy.

I already have promotion out for a tour, because I think pre-publication promotion is helpful. I do an hour lecture called :

Katrina and Dante – was there ever such a pair?



So if any of you know a group or want to organize a group to listen to me, I can send more information and what I call a mini book....the first ten pages with other information. I intend to donate most of what I make to the rebuilding fund which you can read about at and also see photos of the destruction of books.....

All the best to all of you friends....

Lyn LeJeune

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Comment by Lyn LeJeune on May 25, 2007 at 12:41am
Africa! wow. I just read a piece on the Huffington Report by Mia Farrow and Dafur. She's wonderful and you are too. What will you be doing there? I'm off to the Appalachians next week, but when you get back from Africa, contact me. Have a safe trip and may the gods bless you!
Comment by Rosemary Harris on May 25, 2007 at 12:29am
I think what you're doing (with the book) is great. Good luck! I've volunteered twice in St Bernard parish since Katrina. I may be able to help with book donations...leaving for Africa after BEA but naybe we can connect after..

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