Carl, Lillian Stewart - TIME ENOUGH TO DIE

TIME ENOUGH TO DIE (Cont. Gothic Suspense) - VG Lillian Stewart Carl - 11th book
Wildside Press, 2002 - Hardcover

Dr. Matilda Gray, an parapsychologist specializing in art, archaeology and architecture, is teamed with Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Gareth March to investigate the murder of a young woman suspected of stealing artifacts for an archaeological dig.

Take a town in England, interesting history, the spirits of a Roman couple and a Celtic woman, a hint of romance, the threat of death, a suspenseful conclusion, mix them together and you have a very good read. I appreciated that neither the romance nor the parapsychology overwhelmed the basic investigation of a murder and thefts. The characters were human and fallible. I’d say this is one of Carl’s best books.

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